Sunday 9 October 2016

What Emmeline Wore In October - Day 9

Nine days into the 'What Emmeline Wore In October' project and I'm definitely starting to feel both the benefits and burden of taking on a daily illustration challenge. 

I'm seeing my work and idea generation speed up, I'm learning new techniques, and I'm really enjoying the visual diary aspect of it - but I have to say on days like today (a Sunday) it can feel a bit tough to drag yourself away from fun plans to make time to illustrate. I know a lot of people are doing Inktober at the moment, which I took part in a couple of years ago, and that's a brilliant one for really pushing yourself as an illustrator, but I'm sure at some point you'll feel that nag of responsibility when it gets to 11pm and you haven't done your ink drawing!

I think a lot of it boils down to forcing yourself to stay motivated. For me I find that overcoming this for this project has such a hugely positive knock-on effect for the rest of my work - it pushes you to take that first step, and then that motivation is in overdrive for all the other commissions and personal projects for the rest of the day. 

Today I'm wearing some comfy jeans from FatFace and one of my favourite cardigans ever from Boden, which my parents' gave me as a Christmas present last year. After a busy weekend, it's all about snuggliness for me today!

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