Friday 14 October 2016

What Emmeline Wore In October - Day 14 x White Stuff

Today's feature is one of my favourites - I absolutely adore this coat from White Stuff. Well, I say coat, but apparently it's a 'coatigan' as it's lightweight and cosy enough to be at that perfect spot between a coat and a cardigan! I love wearing a splash of red with my outfits and lipstick, especially these deep wine-toned reds (I think with my dark hair and super pale skin it's sort of my colour?).

I snapped these photos at a nearby country park, and took the opportunity to get a bit Amélie with the colour palette and contrast the reds with the greens. It's these sort of real-world colour palettes that end up inspiring so much of my illustration work. You'll always find me snapping pictures on my phone or jotting down quick sketches of real-world inspiration, and it can be surprising just how many huge projects come from tiny sparks of an idea whilst on a train or in a park!

This coat is going to be a familiar feature in my wardrobe as we head towards winter, so for anyone that wants to take a peek at the real thing it's the Fern Wool Coatigan over at White Stuff. You may remember White Stuff featured in last year's What Emmeline Wore In July, it was amazing working with them last year - they're lovely! 

So we're two weeks into the project now! It's actually gone surprisingly quickly, and I'm learning a lot about my illustration and my own likes and dislikes. I'll post a round-up of the first fifteen soon, so keep an eye out for it.

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