Friday 7 October 2016

What Emmeline Wore In October - Day 7

Okay, I've gone mustard yellow and black again..and similarly to the tights, I've also had my fair share of ambiguously complimentary comments about my yellow coat. What is it about mustard yellow that gets people making comments? In London I actually had a guy come up to me whilst I wore this coat and ask if I was a detective! I'd like to say yes.

This coat is a bit of a classic of mine (you may have spotted it in my outfit series last year) which I picked up from Ness. The scarf, another classic, was a charity-shop treasure find and I'm fully in love with it's deep colours and snuggliness.

Tonight I'm heading out to Chorley (recently named least happy town in the UK, although I honestly don't know why - I think it's great!) for the annual Chorley Live weekend. It's brilliant - bands playing in every place you can imagine (last year we saw a few gigs in a chip shop, some in the library, and one in the bank!) and this year Andrew's playing his first ever proper gig, in, coincidentally...a mustard-yellow-walled cafĂ©. 

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