Tuesday 25 October 2016

What Emmeline Wore In October - Day 25 x Oasis

Okay, so this dress is officially the new jewel of my wardrobe. How ridiculously gorgeous is this? Oasis have teamed up with the Warner Textile Archive to produce this insanely beautiful series of jacquards for AW16, which launched this week!

I was lucky enough to take home this stunning Elizabethan inspired Warner Jacquard Midi Dress and believe me I'm going to find as many excuses to dress up as possible in this (although, who needs excuses, really?).

The Archive has one of the largest collections of historical fabrics in the UK and is home to 100,000 textiles. Each of the designs in their collaboration with Oasis is based around 18th century style, one is a paper design which is hand- painted copy of the embroidery, and one is even from Queen Victoria’s coronation! I love delving into history, and this whole backstory to the collection just gives it that lovely bit of depth and uniqueness. I'm definitely going to put the Warner Textile Archive on my to-visit list - it's obviously full of creative inspiration!

Above is a snap of the original fabric which inspired the dress I'm wearing - It’s a copy of an 18th century design, woven in the 19th century and apparently would have been worn in a candle lit ball room *google search nearest ballroom*.

I've paired the dress with a cute pair of brogueish style heels I bought in Oxford Street's Dorothy Perkins. It was a few years ago, but I vividly remember buying them in a slight panic on my way to an exhibition, as my other shoes had broken!

It's always quite tricky to portray gold in an illustration, so I wanted to include this little gif to show off just how beautifully the fabric catches the light. Okay, I'm going to hold off any more ranting about this dress now, I'm just a little bit in love, I don't think you can blame me!

The full collection is on the Oasis website here, and you can find out more about the Warner Textile Archive collaboration here.

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