Thursday 27 October 2016

What Emmeline Wore In October - Day 27 x Lowie

Apparently it's maxi skirt week for me! It makes a glorious change from my frequent skinny jeans option in any case.  This gorgeous piece of bohemia is Lowie's Paisley Maxi Pinafore Dress. I'm not one to shy away from a statement piece, and I have to say I feel amazing wearing this. I've paired it with an organic cotton roll neck top from People Tree, which compliments the ethically made dress! 

So, when I was little, my favourite coat was a reversible red and blue jacket (which I sometimes wore with a reversible hat too), so yes, I love a bit of versatility - so it was really exciting to find out that you can actually take the bib off this pinafore and wear it as a maxi skirt - yesssss.

I look a little bit away-with-the-fairies in this shot haha. Maybe I was thinking about how many deadlines I have coming up! But yeah, I'm absolutely in love with this dress. I think you just have to be bold sometimes and wear something you feel brilliant in rather than worrying about standing out too much in a sea of grey hoodies and blue jeans (although, hey, no problem with that at all!). 

17-year-old hippy ridiculously-in-love-with-music-from-the-early-70s Emmeline would be over the moon with this dress, so I'm glad that just over ten years later I can do her proud. 

Also very much worth noting that Lowie provide a free repair service to extend the life of all their clothes - which is AMAZING. I've mentioned before about how I so much prefer to repair and repurpose my clothes rather than throwing anything away, so huge points to Lowie for being so conscientious about their products and their sustainability!

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A huge thank you to Lowie and to the lovely ladies at the London Fashion Agency! x

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